• Exhibited from 19th September – 21st November at the Spanish Embassy in the Kingdom of Belgium in Brussels – ‘Impressions and Contrasts’ With this choice of works, the artist plays with the contrast among the landscapes, with a more bucolic and impressionist approach, and a series of portraits, with a more intimate light and vivid expressions, representing a very personal experience.
  • Emerging artist to be presented the 30th and 31st January 2020 at La Casa del Libro and Vultravioleta Gallery in Madrid
  • 7-9 February Collective exhibition of artists at Carte de Visite – Vanderborght building in Brussels
Ángel Castillo Perona was born in Madrid (1975) and moved to Brussels in 2006. Already with a good eye for photography, it was in this new city that he developed his strong passion for the art of photography, developing and perfecting techniques which combined his love of impressionist art and his skill in photography which does not rely on software editing. He finds inspiration in the beauty of natural elements in urban settings which is often over-looked and missed by city dwellers rushing past.  Strong, vibrant colours and lighting are common in his work but his techniques provide an intriguing perspective which blurs the line between photography and impressionist oil painting.  Angel’s portrait work is dramatic and captivating with the personal story of the subject visible to all.