• 15-18 October 2020 Barge House Gallery in London – OXO Tower Wharf – Group Show organised by Artfullframe – www.artfullframe.com
  • 15-19 October 2020 – Runner up to be exhibited in Barcelona with my picture ‘Big Mess’ in the VALID WORLD HALL as part of a selected art work, organised by The ArtBox Gallery. https://www.artboxprojects.com/barcelonafinalists
  • 7-9 February 2020 – Carte de Visite, Brussels. Group exhibition of 290 artists organised by the Brussels City Ministry of Culture, presenting three photographs of my Impressions series. http://cartedevisite.brussels/
  • 31st January 2020 – Visión Ultravioleta Gallery in Madrid. Participation in an exhibition by all the artists selected to be part of the book ‘Emergentes1-La Ciudad’. https://visionultravioleta.com/
  • December 2019 – “Emergentes1 – La Ciudad“. Selected from among 150 emerging artists with the picture ‘Life and Death’ to be part of the book created by Fran García where 24 artists from different disciplines illustrate and relate what The City means as part of where we live. The book was launched on 30th January 2020 in La Casa del Libro, Gran Via, Madrid. http://altermad.com/category/emergentes/
  • September-November 2019 – “Impressions and Contrasts”. A solo exhibition at the Spanish Embassy in Belgium, Brussels, presenting 20 works. With this choice of works, the artist plays with the contrast among the urban and city landscapes photographed in a bucolic and impressionist approach, and a series of portraits, photographed in a more intimate light with vivid expressions, representing a very personal experience. https://www.spainculture.be/es/region/bruselas/impresiones-contrastes/

I was born in Madrid in 1975. I’m a Spanish civil servant with a degree in law. I’ve been very passionate about Photography for more than 10 years and that love affair goes on. Self-taught photographer and emerging artist, for the last three years I’ve studied, experimented and eventually mastered the technique of multiple exposure in camera (not relaying in software) and it’s become my almost only way to photograph. I find inspiration in the beauty of natural elements in urban settings which are often over-looked and missed by city dwellers rushing past. With my camera I portrait a world with no troubles, full of light-hearted vivacity, vibrant colours and light and my technique provides an intriguing perspective which blurs the line between photography and impressionist oil painting.